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How is OSA Free

How is the Online Soccer Academy (OSA) free?  How does the OSA make money?

We get asked these questions a lot. I don't like to talk about money and my parents raised me not to, but I believe this question should be addressed.  

Online Soccer Academy is free because of OSA Soccer Camps and Believe in it® Apparel. 

OSA is supported by advertising from Believe in it® Apparel and OSA Soccer Camps. This is why you see Believe in it® Apparel and OSA Soccer Camps ads in videos and OSA eNewsletters. A lot of time, energy and expenses go into running the OSA. Without Believe in it® Apparel and OSA Soccer Camps the Online Soccer Academy couldn't exist for free. 

Believe in it® is Apparel that inspires you to reach your goal. It's for Motivated People; all ages, all sports.

I don't run the day to day at Believe in it® Apparel. It's a brand I helped start.

Believe in it® is starting to be sold in retailers around the United States. Our mission is to inspire people that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible.    

If you enjoy Online Soccer Academy, find it beneficial and consider yourself a motivated person please consider purchasing some Believe in it® Apparel or attend an OSA Soccer Camp. If you are a Coach you can go here to learn how to host an OSA Soccer Camp for your team or club. 

My team and I appreciate your support! 

Thank you and I hope this clears up any confusion on how the OSA is free.  

Believe in it®,