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Jared Montz

Jared Montz is a former pro soccer player, a college soccer national champion and a coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy

Jared Montz Raging.png

Jared Montz

Former Pro, Collegiate National Champion, Executive Director at Vegas United, OSA Coach and Founder

"I coach because I want to be the coach for players I always wished I had!"


Story of How I Became a Pro Soccer Player

My #Beliveinit Story

Fun Facts:
I have an amazing wife, a super cute daughter and a great dog that loves to play fetch everyday!

My juggling record is 10,144! Took me one hour and 44 minutes. 

I got the idea of OSA in the summer of 2008. OSA launched live in early 2009.

My first ever youtube comment was, "This video sucks!"

Follow Me:

Being the original founder of OSA I've got hundreds of videos! You can view all of them on youtube and on our "Videos" page. Below are just a few. Please don't judge my earliest videos... I like to think I've improved a lot since 2008!