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Swanton, Vermont - OSA Soccer Camp

High quality instructional soccer camps with small and personable groups. Register for an OSA Soccer Camp!

OSA Soccer Camp
Swanton, VT

an Exclusive OSA Camp for MVU Lady T-Birds Soccer

August 5-9, 2019
at Field TBA

We coach to help players improve

Our mission is to inspire players
if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible.

Registration Details

Cost = $0

There is no cost for this OSA Camp because it will be paid for via fundraising from the Lady T-Birds Soccer program.

Session 1 

Session 2

20 Spots Available for Each Session! 

Register Early! OSA Camps sell out!

Cost Includes:
- High Quality Coaching
- Autographed Picture
- Camp Shirt
- Believe in it® Bracelet and Sticker

Players Provide:
Water, ball, cleats, shin guards and positive attitude!

Cancel by 24 hours before camp and receive full refund minus $20 service fee.
Pro rates available.

About OSA Soccer Camps

We provide high quality instructional camps with small and personable groups.

OSA Coaches are talented, with an infectious passion for the game! 
We are former pro or college players highly trained in the OSA way. 

We are fun, positive, knowledgable, caring, helpful, organized and dedicated to helping players improve!

OSA stands for Online Soccer Academy. Check out our "Videos" page to view our 200+ incredibly helpful free training videos. 

"OSA coaching has done wonders for Jack's self esteem.
He has the Believe in it® attitude now. Thank you!" - Mrs. Watkins

How We Coach?

We coach the OSA Way. We create a positive learning environment that inspires every player
to improve at their level.  

OSA Coaches spark a passion in players. They are trained to be fun, but firm.  
We let players know it's okay to make mistakes. The game is 90% mental. By removing players' fear of failure this gives them confidence. This mentality accelerates their improvement. This is the OSA Way.

What We Coach?

If you can't hammer a nail, you can't build a house.  

We teach fundamentals. We also teach soccer smarts to help players understand where they should be on the field during games.  

Players Learn:
1. Techniques like Chipping, Bending, Shooting, Passing and Juggling
2. Speed of Play
- how to think like a pro and see the game faster to make better decisions
3. How to be Confident
4. Tricks and Skills
5. Defending and Attacking
6. Team Shape
7. How to Communicate with Teammates
8. How to be a Champion

Being a champion isn't about winning trophies, making millions of dollars and signing autographs. Being a champion is about improving everyday doing what you love, being a good teammate, showing respect to your coaches and it's about doing the little things right like picking up a piece of trash on the field to take care of your park. 

OSA Coaches teach players how to be champions by leading by example. 

Your OSA Coach will participate in scrimmages to lead by example of how things are done and coach as they play. We give players something to emulate. If they see an OSA Coach being successful making simple passes, they will make simple passes. 

We teach the little, next level details that aren't normally taught. 

"Casey learned more in an hour with an OSA Coach than she's learned in her whole youth career and she's going to be playing D1 college soccer next year. This was very worth it!" - Mr. Adkins

Why are Age Groups Split?

OSA Soccer Camps are small and personable groups.  

Instead of doing one large camp for 60+ players at once we break camp into sessions. Each session is one, two hour session a day. The maximum number of players per session is 20. 

We care about quality, not quantity. Small sessions provide the best possible learning experience!


Contact us at 702-637-3588 or

We are happy to help!