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How to Receive a Soccer Pass

Free Soccer Training video focused on How to Receive a Soccer Pass.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers:
How to Trap a Soccer Ball - How to Control a Soccer Ball - Soccer Passing Drills - Soccer Passing - Soccer Pass - Soccer Drills for Passing - Soccer Video Passing Drills 


How to Receive a Soccer Pass

Learn how to receive a pass as a soccer striker! 

There are many different ways and styles to receive a pass as a forward. This video will detail how to position and use your body when receiving a pass with a defender on your back and how to shield that defender. 

Key Points:

1. Stand with your body sideways, shoulder facing defender and dominant foot facing oncoming ball
Don't stand with back to defender because you don't have good balance and they can easily knock you off ball. Turn body so you are naturally stronger and have more balance when contact is made. 
2. Bend your knees slightly to lower center of gravity
3. Check shoulder before pass comes to see where defender is. Also put arm out to feel where they are. 
4. Receive ball with outside of foot keeping your body between the ball and defender. 

Equipment Needed: Soccer ball, partner or a wall/fence

Exercise Player Can Do: 

If you have a partner, use a partner, if not use a fence. Kick the ball off the fence, as it comes back to you check your shoulder, turn your body, get low and control the ball. Imagine a defender is on you and pretend to shield the ball a few seconds. If you have a partner, then have partner pretend to be a defender without trying to steal it to make this more game like. Repeat until comfortable or tired. 

Bonus Tips:

Usually as a forward when the ball is played up to you your attacking teammates are not up the field with you yet. Instead of turning every time and trying to single handedly beat the defenders be strong, shield the ball and hold it up so your teams have a few seconds to move up the field. The best forwards know how to bring their teammates in the game and that doesn't happen by turning and dribbling every time. 

If the ball is coming in slow, make sure you move to the ball to control it. Don't stand and wait for it as the defender may just run around you and win it!

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: 

If you are getting knocked off the ball a lot it's mainly because your body is positioned so your back is to the defender and you are off balance. Turn sideways to give yourself more balance and strength. This small adjustment makes a big difference. Watch the pro strikers as they receive a pass, you will see a lot of them with their bodies turned. 

This Video Covers:
How to Trap a Soccer Ball - How to Control a Soccer Ball - Soccer Passing Drills - Soccer Passing - 
Soccer Pass - Soccer Drills for Passing - Soccer Video Passing Drills