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How to Defend a Soccer Cross

Free Soccer Training video focused on How to Defend a Soccer Cross.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers: 
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How to Defend a Soccer Cross

For this video we are using a game situation of when a winger is running down the sideline, you are tracking back with your attacker to defend them and the winger is making a cross. This is a game play situation, not a dead ball situation like a corner kick. 

Key Points:

Key Point #1 - Stand with your body open so you can face the defender and the ball.

Key Point #2 - Have your arms out pointing at the ball and the defender. It should look like this. 

Key Point #3 - Be goal side of the attacker. This means keep your attacker in front of you so you are between the attacker and your goal. If they get behind you now they have that 1-2 seconds of space they need to get a shot off and you can only watch it happen. 

Key Point #4 - Be physical and win your battles! Don't be scared to make some contact! Don't foul of course and don't cheap shot anyone but don't be scared of nobody. Aint skeeered! Attackers will run by you all day if you don't get your body in the way and make some contact.

Key Point #5 - The last point I want to make is what to do in a long run situation. What I'm talking about is when a winger is breaking down the sideline and you are running side by side with the forward at full speed. At that time it is NOT a good idea to turn around and run backwards next to them while they run forward. That won't work and they will be much faster then you!

In this situation you would be running with the player but keep your eye on them. Then when you get closer to the position where the winger is going to cross, that is when you turn your body to be in proper shape.

Equipment Needed:

To practice this by yourself you are just going to simulate a game simulation. You don't need a ball or cones.

Exercise Player Can Do:

Now for an exercise we can do to practice. We will do two different exercises. 

1st Exercise:

Imagine the ball is on the right sideline. Pretend to be defending a forward using the key points. Move side to side a bit and forwards and backwards to get the feel for it. 

Do this for 30 seconds. Rest and then repeat 5 times. 

2nd Exercise:

Imagine the ball is on the left sideline and pretend the winger is breaking down the sideline and you are in a sprint race with the forward. Sprint back about 20 yards, then quickly turn your body to get in good defensive positioning for defending a cross. Move around about 10 seconds in good defensive positioning. Light jog back, rest and then repeat 5 times. 

This could be some fitness work too! Just saying!

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:

Some things that could be going wrong. If you are constantly losing your attacker because you can't see them then your back is to the attacker. Turn your body so you see the ball and the attacker. Sounds easy, but it's not easy to make it look easy. 

Bonus Tip:

Be smart! The best players are the smartest players. Don't just rely on your athletic ability to make plays. When you are in your room resting after a hard session watch some highlight videos and study the best defenders in the world. See what they do when they defend corners. A great way to learn is by watching players better then you.

This Video Covers: 
How to Defend a Soccer Cross - Soccer Defense Techniques - Defensive Soccer Drills - 
Soccer Defense Drills - Soccer Defense - How to Defend in Soccer - Soccer Defender