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How to Intercept a Pass in Soccer

Free Soccer Training video focused on How to Intercept a Pass in Soccer.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers:
How to Intercept a Pass in Soccer - Soccer Defense Techniques - Defensive Soccer Drills - Soccer Defense Drills - Soccer Defense - How to Defend in Soccer - Soccer Defender 


How to Intercept a Pass in Soccer

The best defenders are the smartest defenders. Yes, being big and strong helps too, but it doesn't automatically equate to being great at defending. Intercepting a pass in soccer is about timing, positioning and thinking quickly. This video can be applied to all positions but it is geared for midfielders. 

Equipment Needed: Soccer ball, three cones and a partner

Exercise Player Can Do: 

You need three cones and a partner. If you don't have a partner then simulate this exercise on your own and apply it to your next game or team practice. Partner at first cone with ball. Partner is a defender on the defensive backline. You stand at middle cone which is a few steps out of line of first and third cone which are in a straight line. First and third cone should be about 30 yards apart. Second cone should be in the middle. 

Defender is trying to pass the ball to the third cone which is a forward. As they pass it you need to step in and win it! Sounds easy right, but it's not easy to make it look easy! Let's do the key points!

Key Points:

1. Check your shoulders to see where defender's passing options are. Recognize forward is checking to the ball. 
2. Allow a few steps for open passing lane so defender thinks they can pass to forward
Yes some coaches will tell you to close down the passing lane and sometimes you should. But if it's closed the defender won't pass it and you won't win it. 
3. Watch defender's eyes. They will look at their forward. As soon as defender puts eyes and head down to pass the ball, that's when you take few steps and get in their passing lane. 
4. Smile because they will pass it right to you! 
Their teammates and coaches may yell at them for making a bad pass but it's really you that out smart them by setting them up to pass it to you! 

Practice this for a minute, then switch with partner. Repeat 2-3 sets. 

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: 

If you are not intercepting the pass then you are too far away from the passing lane. You want to only be a few steps away. Enough for defender to think they have an open lane, but close enough for you to have time to move into the passing lane as they put their head down to pass it. 

This Video Covers:
How to Intercept a Pass in Soccer - Soccer Defense Techniques - Defensive Soccer Drills - 
Soccer Defense Drills - Soccer Defense - How to Defend in Soccer - Soccer Defender