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How To Play Fullback in Soccer

Free Soccer Training video focused on How to Play Fullback in Soccer.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers: 
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How To Play Fullback in Soccer

There are many different parts to playing fullback.  This video will cover a few general ideas on how to play the position, things to think about and an exercise to practice.  This video applies for left and right fullbacks. 

First, the role of a fullback.  In my opinion a fullback should defend well and pass simply out of the back. When possible they should get involved in the attack.  

Tip #1

Your job as the fullback is NOT to be the playmaker.  When you get the ball in your defensive and middle third make a simple pass to one of your open teammates. 

On the screen here you will see a few simple passing options.  1. Is your center mid.  They are your playmaker so get them the ball when you can.  2. Your outside wing.  3. Your center back. 4. Your keeper.  5. A chip pass into the forward.

Yes, there are more options but these are usually your most simple options. 

Tip #2

Don’t stand on the sideline when you “get wide”.  

When the keeper or your center back has the ball you need to get wide. 

If you stand on the sideline as shown here then when you get the ball you have one less option.  You don’t have an option wide to your winger because you are now as wide as you can go.

By standing inside the sideline about 10 yards or so you now have the passing wide option.

Tip #3

You need to be good at defending.  Watch our OSA defending videos here.

Tip #4

Stand with your body open to the field.  What I mean is if your center back has the ball, don’t stand like this. 

Why not?  Because now you can’t see what’s behind you and your body is positioned to take a touch back in the direction the ball came.

Instead stand like this, with your body open to the field.  This way you can see the ball, what’s up the field and also your body is positioned to take a positive touch.  

It also applies for when the goalie has the ball.  DO NOT stand like this.  Stand like this. 

Tip #5

Keep an eye on your back line.  If your line is stepping up you should be too.  If your line is shifting left, you should too.  Keep looking around your during the game, don’t just stare at the ball. 

Tip #6

Communicate loud and clear!  As a fullback you can see the whole game on offense.  Most times anyway the game is in front of you; meaning there are usually no defenders sneaking up behind you when you are on offense.  So shout at your teammates and let them know Turn, Man On, etc.  Even if you didn’t pass it to them.  Be a leader out there Because you can see everything. 

Tip #7 

Overlap when you can!  If the winger on your side of the field has the ball, occasionally sprint forward and overlap them.  Try to get involved in the attack and get a cross off.

Tip #8

Play a creative pass when you are in the attacking third.  If you are in the attacking third, try bending the ball in behind the defenders for an attacker to run on to it.  Or play a ball over the top.

Don’t do this every time, but occasionally when you are forward and your gut tells you to make it happen.  

Exercise Player Can Do:

An exercise we can do to practice.  

This exercise is for ball distribution. It will help you work on your simple, clean passes out of the back. 

You will need a few balls, a partner and 5 cones.  Set the balls up at a cone where your center back is.  Then have the center back pass you a ball.  You angle your body to the field, check your shoulders to see what is coming and then take a set up touch in the direction you want to go for your pass.

You decide if you will pass it to the goalie, center mid, winger, back to your center back or chip it to your forward.  

You make the call. The cones are your imaginary teammates. 

Let’s do a few and that will give you a better idea of how it works. 

Do a few sets and then change the start ball position.  Put the balls at the goalie spot, the winger, the center mid.  

You are working on game simulation so come game time you won’t panic and just kick the ball.  Instead you will keep possession.   

If you don't have a partner set up a bench a pass the ball off the bench to pretend it's your partner passing you the ball. 

For defending exercises go watch the OSA defending videos to practice defending.  

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:

Some things that could be going wrong. If you keep making bad passes and losing the ball stop trying to be a playmaker.  Just make a simple pass to a teammate.  

Bonus Tip:

Just because you have 30 yards of space ahead of you as a fullback doesn’t mean you have to dribble. Sometimes yes, dribble, but for the most part make a pass and keep the ball moving.

2nd bonus tip!  When in doubt kick it out!  If an attacker is tight on you in your defensive third and you don’t have a great passing option to keep possession then just kick the ball out.  Now your team can re organize and get ready.   

Your mantra as fullback should be I defend hard and make simple passes. Do that and you will be great.  

This Video Covers: 
Fullback - Full Back - Right Fullback - Left Fullback - Right Back - Left Back - Soccer Players - Soccer Tutorial - Soccer Defense Techniques - Defensive Soccer Drills - Soccer Defense Drills - Soccer Defense - How to Defend in Soccer - Soccer Defender