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How to Dribble like Messi - Part 2

Free Soccer Training video focused on How to Dribble like Messi.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

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How to Dribble like Messi - Part 2

Today we are learning how to dribble like Messi. This is part two!  This Dribble Like Messi video will teach you a different style of his Dribbling but based off the same idea, slow to fast. I saw him do this exact style of dribble in the 2014 World Cup final Brazil. 

I will set up the exercise and then we will break down the key points.

You will need 7 cones and a ball. Start off dribbling at full speed and imagine a defender is running next to you trying to win the ball, when you hit the area with the 5 cones this is your slow down zone. Slow your run down to a light jog, but keep the ball close, the defender will start to slow down, give it 2-3 seconds so they really slow down, do a scissors to the inside and then push the ball out in front and accelerate to the top cone. You can either stop there or make a cross to an imaginary teammate. 

Light jog to get your ball and then repeat 5 times. Rest and repeat 2 more sets of 5 dribbles a set. 

Key Points:

Key Point #1 - Have close ball control. When running with a defender along side of you, you can't have a bad touch. Practicing your dribbling by watching this Online Soccer Academy video.

Key Point #2 - Think slow to fast! You want to slow your defender down. Go from running full speed to a light jog. Once that defender slows down and sets their feet, then accelerate past them! 

Messi is a world class player but does he do the fanciest of moves? No. He is great at doing a simple move, changing speeds, going from slow to fast and blowing past defenders. 

Think about two cars driving side by side. If I go 100 mph and you go 100 mph can you stay next to me? Yes! If I drop down to 50 mph and you drop down to 50 mph and then I speed up to 100 mph can you catch me? Yes, you can catch me but for those few seconds when I'm accelerating I've lost you. This moment in the car is like the moment in the game when you accelerate past a defender. 

Key Point #3 - Do a simple move! Like a stop and go, scissors or a simple shoulder fake. For tips on moves watch our "Attacking" videos here. In this video I will do a scissors as my move. 

Key Point #4 - Make a play! Get your shot, cross or pass off early! 

Yes, Messi makes it look easy dribbling 2-3 more defenders after he beats the first defender. But for most of us our best odds are to beat the first defender and make a play before the first defender has time to catch up with us or the other defenders close us down. 

All you need is 1-2 seconds of space to make the magic happen!

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:

Some things that could be going wrong. If the defender is constantly winning the ball when you try this then you are not slowing down enough and speeding up to quickly. If you slow down and then speed up in the same motion the defender won't have enough time to slow down; they will just keep going fast and stay with you.

Bonus Tip:

Do this style of Messi dribble in the attacking third of the field! This way if you lose the ball, you have plenty of time to hustle back on defense. The place to take chances is in the attacking third. 

This is not something I recommend for defenders to do when they are dribbling out of the back. Just saying! 

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