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How to Pass like Philipp Lahm - Online Soccer Academy

Free Soccer Training video focused on passing a soccer ball like Philipp Lahm.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers:
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How to Pass a Soccer Ball like Philipp Lahm

Learn How to Pass like 2014 World Cup Winner Philipp Lahm! 

The style of pass is about how to tuck inside to create a passing lane and then pass with the outside of your foot. This looks easy but it's advanced. You won't use this style of passing every time you make a pass but it's very effective when needed.

Any position on the field can use this type of passing option. As a pro and in college I played center mid and right back. I LOVE this type of pass; it is one of my favorites! 

Key Points:

Key Point #1
Fake like you are going to pass to the outside and push the ball using the inside of your foot across your body to the inside. Make sure you accelerate a few steps to create the 1-2 seconds of space you need to get your pass off.

Key Point #2 
Look up to see the passing lane and make sure it's there.

Key Point #3
Pass the ball with the outside of your foot in the passing lane. You want to pass the ball so it curves around the defender and into the space in front of your attacker. Now your winger can run on to it and make a cross.

Key Point #4
Shout turn, go or run as you pass. Tell your teammate what to do and to run onto this ball. If you can make the game easier for your teammates by telling them what to do, you will be a better player. 

Equipment Needed:

You will need a few balls and 4 cones for the exercise!

Exercise Player Can Do:

Now for an exercise we can do to practice. Set up a start cone and a defender cone a few steps in front of it. Place all your balls at the start cone. Then place two cones up and to the side of the field. One cone will be your defender, one will be your imaginary attacker. 

Start off walking through this exercise so you get the idea. Fake a pass towards the sideline, touch inside, accelerate a few steps and then make the outside of your foot pass curve into the space behind the defender and in front of your winger. 

Once you got it, do a few reps with the balls you got. Rest and repeat till you master it! 

If you have a partner then have them be the attacker running onto the ball. After you do a few reps then switch with your partner.

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:

Some things that could be going wrong. In a game or practice if the defender keeps intercepting your pass then you are forcing it. Don't force it. If you look up and the pass it not there then make a simple pass and keep the ball moving. Keep the rhythm of the game. This play doesn't work if you try to force it. 

Bonus Tip:

Philipp Lham is 5 foot 7 inches. Lots of players ask me about height and if height matters. Lham is about this tall. He's won the Champions League, played in 3 World Cups, won the World Cup in 2014 and he captains both his club and country. 

Clearly height doesn't matter for Lham so don't let it matter for you. Don't stress about what you can't control like how tall you are. Worry about what you can control like how good you can be if you practice! 

This Video Covers:
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