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Robin Van Persie Advanced Soccer Shooting Tutorial

Free Soccer Training video focused on Advanced Soccer Shooting like Robin Van Persie.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible.

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Robin Van Persie Advanced Soccer Shooting Tutorial

Today we are learning how to do a Robin Van Persie shooting practice!  This is advanced shooting practice.

You might know Van Persie as the flying dutchmen after the 2014 World Cup!  He is the Captain of the Netherlands National Team and also plays for a little team in England called Manchester United!

These shooting exercises are fun to do for 15 minutes with a teammate after a team practice or with a friend as part of a session in your backyard.  

The exercises will force you to be creative, take risks and of course it's a lot of fun!  Don't put any pressure on yourself to score every time, just have fun and stay relaxed!

Equipment Needed:

You will need a few balls, three cones, a goal and a partner.


Your first three sets are from a close range pass.  You, the attacker will stand at the top of the 18 yard box.  Set up three cones at different passing angles; from the right wing, from the center mid, from the left wing. 

For the first round instead of passing the ball to your teammate you will toss it to them.  Start easy, then we make it more challenging in the second round.  

Your partner tosses you the ball.  Use two hands and throw it under hand but have the toss come in at a good pace so it's challenging.

Receive the pass off your chest, head, thigh or foot and try to get a shot off before the ball hits the ground or right when it hits the ground.  Volley it in, shoot it in, head it in, shoulder it in!  Whatever you want, just get a shot off!  The idea is to be creative in your control and get a quick shot off.  

Van Persie has some very creative finishes because he's not scared to take chances.  You don't score one of the goals of the 2014 World Cup by worrying about what people will think of you if you miss.  

Do one rep, collect all the balls, then your partner does one rep.  Go through each of three cones to complete a set.

Once you complete a full set.  Back the cones up and instead of tossing the ball to your teammate, pass it to them.  Use the chip or bending technique for the pass.  You decide on the distance of the pass; I'd suggest 20-30 yards.

Repeat the rotation and go for 15-20 minutes.  Have some fun but don't do this for 2 hours and pull a thigh muscle!  

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:

Some things that could be going wrong.  If you are getting upset every time you miss you are doing it wrong! This is suppose to be a fun, no pressure type of exercise.  You will miss more then you make and that's okay.  Enjoy it and remember when you do make one it's probably gonna be legit!  

Bonus Tip:

Check your shoulder before you receive this pass!  You need a second or two of space to pull off a finish like Van Persie!  Take that look before you receive the pass so you know where the defenders are and if you have time to finish a fancy play.  It will also help you know where the goal is! 

If you don't have time then in a game you would just trap the ball and pass it to a teammate.  For example. 

This Video Covers:
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