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Soccer Volley with Top Spin

Free Soccer Training video focused on Soccer Volley with Top Spin.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers:
How to Shot a Soccer Volley with Top Spin - Soccer Shooting Drills - Soccer Shooting Technique - Soccer Shooting Tips - How to Shoot a Soccer Ball - Shooting Drills for Soccer - Soccer Shot - Soccer Shooting


Soccer Volley with Top Spin

Soccer skills are important to have and knowing how to shoot in soccer is one of those skills. Today we are learning how to hit a soccer volley; specifically a top spin volley. 

A top spin volley is a volley you hit out of the air or off the bounce that causes the ball to dip. This technique is mainly used when shooting and you want the ball to go over the goalie but dip under the cross bar. Or you want the ball to dip and bounce right in front of the goalie to make the shot more challenging to stop. The second style is great for rainy games when the field is wet. 

Key Points:

1. Let the ball drop before you volley it. Don't hit a top spin volley when the ball is high in the air, let it drop below your knee before you make contact. 

2. Lock your ankle and point your toe down. You want your ankle hard like a rock, not loose like jello. 

3. Make contact with the upper middle part of the ball. This will give the ball the top spin motion it needs to dip. 

4. Keep your shoulders facing your target. Turn your shoulders and the ball will go to where your shoulders tell it too. 

5. Hold your ankle locked toe down technique on your follow through. As you become more advanced you can follow through and land on your kicking foot when the volley calls for it. Sometimes you only need to have a regular swing, sometimes you are shooting a top spin volley with more power and want to land on your kicking foot. 

Equipment Needed: 

As many balls as you have and a goal. If you don't have a goal, then use two cones as your goal or kick up a against a fence. 

Exercise Player Can Do: 

Start off practicing the technique of your swing without the ball. Once comfortable toss the ball up in the air, let it bounce and make light contact with the ball using your top spin volley technique. 

As your technique improves and you see the ball dipping with top spin then you can pick up your leg speed. Mix it up. Take a few swings from a stand still and from a run up. Sometimes land on your kicking foot and sometimes just have a regular swing. 

As you get more confident from the bounce then toss the ball and top spin volley it out of the air. 

Repeat until you get tired or master it. 

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: 

If the ball is going sky high over the goal then you are hitting underneath the ball and pointing your toe up instead of keeping it down. 

Bonus Tip!

Be confident when you shoot a volley like this. Don't be surprised when it goes in! You should expect it to go in! If you miss in a game, so what! Just hustle back on defense and get ready for the next play.

This Video Covers:
How to Shot a Soccer Volley with Top Spin - Soccer Shooting Drills - Soccer Shooting Technique - Soccer Shooting Tips - How to Shoot a Soccer Ball - Shooting Drills for Soccer - Soccer Shot - Soccer Shooting