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How Much Money do MLS Players Make?

Free Soccer Training video focused on MLS Player Salaries.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers:
MLS salaries - Pro Soccer Salaries - How Much do MLS Players Make - 
Average MLS Salary - How Much do Pro Soccer Players Earn in America - Soccer Help - Soccer Advice


How Much Money do MLS Players Make?

When it comes to pro sports everyone wants to know how much money athletes make. I don't like to talk about money and how much people make, what their salaries are, etc. My feelings are if you live with a smile on your face and are living your dream then that makes you successful and wealthy. 

Having said that I wanted to do this video to show you how well MLS, Major League Soccer, is doing. I wanted you to know that if you are a male player with a dream to play pro MLS is a great place to make that dream come true. 

MLS is improving as a league every year on and off the field. The facilities are very nice and the players' salaries are great. I'll highlight a few players' salaries. At the end I'll give you a link to view every players' salary in the league. 

First Off the Big Guns:

Michael Bradley of Toronto FC makes $6.5 million!

Clint Dempsey of Seattle Sounders makes $6.695 million!

Jermaine Defoe of Toronto FC makes $6.18 million!

These are yearly salaries by the way. 

Chris Wondowloski of San Jose Earthquakes makes $650,000. Yes, that doesn't seem as much as 6.6 million but a beyond impressive salary for a player that played division 2 college soccer. Chris is a personal favorite player of mine. 

Those were a few of the MLS Designated Players. A designated player is a player on the team who can earn high salary and only have $387,500 of it count against the team cap of $3.1 million.

Now for some of the more "normal" salaries. 

Steven Lenhart of San Jose Earthquakes makes $257,000.

Chad Marshall of the Seattle Sounders makes $286,000.

Ned Grabavoy of Real Salt Lake makes $175,000

Salaries in MLS for non designated players range from $36,500 to $387,500. The league minimum is 36,500 for players below age 25. If a player is older then 25 the league minimum is $48,500.

One player I want to point out is Jeff Larentowicz. Jeff is now the captain of the Chicago Fire. He was one of the last draft picks his rookie year as a pro in 2005. He sat on the bench his first year or two in the league. He earned his playing time and now he is solid veteran any team would love to have. Jeff makes $251,000 a year. That is a quarter of a million dollars to play soccer as a pro in America. 

Jeff is a perfect example of hard work paying off. He wasn't the best when he got in the league but he is an MLS All Star now. 

Like I said in the intro. The main point of this video is to show you that MLS is a strong league and doing well. I'm very proud of MLS and thankful for what they do.

This Video Covers:
MLS salaries - Pro Soccer Salaries - How Much do MLS Players Make - 
Average MLS Salary - How Much do Pro Soccer Players Earn in America