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Soccer Juggling Pick Up Trick

Free Soccer Training video focused on Soccer Juggling Pick Up Trick.  At Online Soccer Academy (OSA) we make BETTER Soccer Players / Football Players through FREE soccer tutorials.  We inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

This Video Covers:
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Soccer Juggling Pick Up Trick

Tricks are a great way to improve ball control and show off in front of your friends. 

Key Points:

1. Place your toe studs on the ball with your heel facing away from your shin. The ball should be 10 inches away from your plant foot.

2. Roll the ball into your plant foot near your anklebone to get a good bounce off your plant foot; not your toe area. 

3. Keep your plant foot firm into the ground. If you lift your plant foot to early it will be loose like jello and the ball will hit it and not bounce. Keep your foot firm in the ground so it's like a rock when the ball hits it so it can have a good bounce. 

4. As the ball pops up get your knee over the ball and smash down on top of the ball. 

5. Let the ball bounce off the ground, don't rush and then start juggling like a champ!

Exercise Player Can Do: 

Start off doing key point 1, 2 and 3. Practice this motion without the ball, then once comfortable do it with the ball. Don't do the knee pop, just do the pick up and start juggling. We do these points first before we do the advanced part of the trick. 

Once comfortable practice doing key points 1-5 all at once without the ball a few times. Get your body comfortable with doing the motion of the trick. When you are confident make it happen with the ball!

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: 

If the ball isn't bouncing high off your plant foot then you are moving your foot to early. Keep your plant foot firm in the ground; don't lift it. 

Bonus Tip!

Doing this trick in tennis shoes or trainers on concrete may be easier because you will get a better bounce off the ball. If you do this in boots on grass make sure you are not in soft high grass as the ball will not bounce very well off your foot or when you smash it down.

This Video Covers:
Soccer Juggling Pick Up Trick - Football Trick - Soccer Tricks - Football Tricks - Soccer Moves - 
Soccer Trick - Football Moves - Soccer Skills - Soccer Freestyle - Freestyle Soccer Tricks - Soccer Juggling Tricks