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Watch free soccer training videos, soccer tutorials, football tutorials, how to coach soccer videos, soccer skills, soccer tricks and soccer drills on the Online Soccer Academy blog. 

James Murray Improves Every Session - Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight

Jared Montz

14 year old James Murray from Australia is this week's Believe in it® Athlete spotlight!  James plays for Balcatta and his coach, Denis Coleman, nominated him.  

Coach Coleman said....

"James has been training as hard as he could and watching as many OSA videos as possible in preseason to pursue his first season of major club football/soccer.  

James isn't one of those players that people think stink.  Just because he only started this year does mean he is not an incredible player. In his first 3 games as a right wing he scored 4 goals for a division 2 under 14's side. James dreams big on becoming a professional soccer player. At the age of 17-22 he plans to head to USA or England to go for as many tryouts as possible in the MLS, BPL or any of the the 3 FL leagues also in England.  I think James should be scouted because he is a young talent with a huge potential.

The Online Soccer Academy has helped young James train incredibly on his own when he is not at his team training.  I see him improving every session step by step.  He is incredibly fast, a great dribbler and has a venomous shot.  I think the world better watch out because James has got the biggest potential of a player i have coached."

Congrats James!  Keep working hard to improve!

Pics & Video - Las Vegas, Nevada OSA Soccer Clinic

Jared Montz

This week I was in Las Vegas, Nevada for our OSA Soccer Clinic there.  There was some flash flooding the day before clinic but thankfully the clouds dispersed and we had some great, sunny weather!

Our goal at our OSA Soccer Camps and Clinics is to make better players. Our mission is to inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

I'm confident we achieved our goal of making better players. That only happened because the players worked hard, stayed positive and wanted to improve.  Credit to them for making it happen!  They are Believe in it® Athletes. 

View photos here.

Goal Celebrations

I love goal celebrations! Gooooaaaallllll!

Special Thanks

Big thank you to Coach Ken for setting up our OSA Soccer Clinic in Vegas!  Your kids are lucky to have you.  My team and I appreciate you! 

Have a great fall season and thanks again for attending our OSA Soccer Clinic!  I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future!

Jersey and Shelbie Rockin Bracelets - Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight

Jared Montz

Shout out to Jersey and Shelbie Spencer from Martinsburg, West Virginia!  They are two sisters rockin their Believe in it® bracelets in this Instagram photo! 

I saw this photo because they used #Believeinit on Instagram.  I'm @JaredMontz on Instagram by the way

Jersey wears her bracelet regularly.  The idea is to wear it and if you ever have a moment of doubt like before a big game.  You look down at your bracelet, say Believe in it® in your mind and you get an instant shot of confidence.  It works! 

For games when Jersey can't wear a bracelet she tucks it in her sock.  Gives her that extra little boost!  It's a little stinky but it does the job!

Robbie Keane Chip Shot Goal = Pure Class

Jared Montz

Robbie Keane scored a great goal courtesy of a chip shot the other week!  Below is exactly what I said in the Online Soccer Academy eNewsletter.  If you aren't subscribed you should be!


I think I watched this goal at least ten times.  Robbie Keane makes it look so easy on the field sometimes.  This was one of those times.

Really study this play. Watch how he checks his shoulder before receiving the pass, he sees he has space and no defenders on his back, he turns, he gets the defender to commit, nutmegs him, then looks up again, sees the goalie is out and chips him.  He did what the game showed him.  He didn't force the play to happen.  If there was a defender tight on his back when he checked his shoulder he probably would have held the ball up and passed it back to a teammate.  

What he showed in this play was awareness and speed of play.  You can think this fast too... with lots and lots of speed of play practice.