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Soccer Camps

OSA Soccer Camps help players improve. Sign up for our high quality instructional Soccer Camps.  


We coach to help players improve and inspire them that if they
Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible.

"We expected OSA Soccer Camps to be great, but it was better then expected!” - Coach Matt Carver

Are you a Coach?  

Host an OSA Soccer Camp!

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High Quality Instructional Camps
Small and Personable Groups

OSA is NOT your average camp. 
We do camps anywhere in the United States for volunteer based clubs (and teams) that want more for their players.
35 players is all it takes to make an OSA Camp happen.

OSA Coaches are role models.
They were good former pro and college players, but even better coaches with an infectious passion for the game. 


"Your coaching has done wonders for Jack's self esteem. He has the Believe in it® attitude now. Thank you!" - Mrs. Watkins

"Casey learned more in an hour then she's learned in her whole youth career and she's going to be playing D1 college soccer next year." - Mr. Adkins

"OSA Soccer Camps are Awesome! The kids loved OSA's motivated and positive coaching style. The camp exceeded my expectations!" - Coach Ken 

Summer 2018

Dates coming soon...

Coaches! Host an OSA Soccer Camp. We are booking dates now! 

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