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Emily "Bulldog" Beck will make a Comeback

Jared Montz

Emily "Bulldog" Beck is this week's Believe in it® Athlete spotlight.  Emily is a hardworking, passionate player and her "it" is to play for the Women's national team.  

Emily plays for the U12 Epic Attack in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  A few weeks ago she broker her tibia.  Instead of sulking she continues to train her strong leg, follow her rehab plan and be a great teammate.  She attends all practices and games and now is the team statistician. 

Good luck on your comeback Bulldog!  You have the right attitude and I'm confident you will do great!  You are a Believe in it® Athlete!  

Andy Scores His 1st PK - Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight

Jared Montz

This week's Believe in it® Athlete spotlight is Andy Luc.  A few weeks ago he scored his first PK. Andy is a long time Believe in it® Athlete and he has been using the Online Soccer Academy for years.  

This is how it went down in his own words.

"I was about to take a shot, but suddenly I got pushed and fouled. The ref called a PK.  At first, I thought coach was going to get someone else to take it since I have never taken a PK. 

Then I heard him say, "Andy, do you want the PK?"  I was surprised, but I was confident.  I nodded yes.  I set up the ball near the PK mark and cleared my mind of all the noises around me. 

I heard the bench, my varsity team-members and the fans yelling my name.  I focused on the goal and the ball.  I was thinking left or right or perhaps straight down the middle?

When I heard the whistle blow, I did my thing.  I jogged, then came up in a mid-sprint and looked right to fake the goalie.  He took the bait and dove.  I saw my opportunity and placed it near the middle.  

As I saw the ball slowly go past the goal line I knew that I had scored my first PK.  I turned around and I literally saw the JV team jump on me.  The varsity team watched from the bench and cheered me on.  And on the other side the crowd went wild!"

Great story Andy and Congrats!  I'm proud of you!