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Johnny has 25 Goals in 11 Games - Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight

Jared Montz

Congrats to Johnny Morias!  He is the current leading scorer in central Ontario, Canada for his age group.  He is a U-13 and has 25 goals in 11 games.  

Johnny is this week's Believe in it® Athlete spotlight.  I'm proud of Johnny.  Of course because he is scoring goals but mainly because of how hard he has worked for his success.  

Johnny emailed me recently and said, "I emailed you a few years ago saying I was having confidence issues.  You sent me links to your "Mental Training" videos and ever since then I've continued to watch your videos and improve my game.  The Online Soccer Academy has gotten me to Believe in it®.  Thank you!"

Congrats Johnny!  Keep it up!

Clementine and the Aussies in Disney

Jared Montz

The Aussies take over America!  Just kidding they didn't take over America but they did take over Disney World.  Pictured above is a Believe in it® Athlete named Clementine and her teammates.  Clementine is our Believe in it® Athlete spotlight this week.

A few weeks ago they flew from Australia to play in a tournament at Disney World!  

Clementine and her teammates use the Online Soccer Academy videos to help them improve. She watches lots of OSA videos and you can see some of her skills in the video below.

At the 1 minute mark she does a sweet little juggling combo!  Very impressive! 

Keep up the great work Clementine and tell your mates I said little dap!

Trey Coughlin - Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight

Jared Montz

Meet Trey Coughlin.  Trey is 10 years old and loves soccer.  He watches 1-2 OSA videos a night so he can improve.  He watches all the way to end the so he can shout Believe in it® and do the fist pump with me!  I think that's awesome! 

Keep up the good work Trey!  Small improvements daily equal big improvements over time!