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Watch free soccer training videos, soccer tutorials, football tutorials, how to coach soccer videos, soccer skills, soccer tricks and soccer drills on the Online Soccer Academy blog. 

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Inspiring Story of Dom Dwyer - MLS Insider

Jared Montz

Watch this MLS Insider video and get inspired by a player named Dom Dwyer who is having a career year.  Last year he was on loan in the league below MLS and was a sub for Sporting KC. This year he has scored 14 goals, is a starter and an MLS All Star.

His story should be a reminder to you that sometimes you need to take two steps backwards before you can take one step forward.  If you are asked to play on a team that you might think is below your standards do what Dom did and prove yourself at that level.  Then take your step forward and don't look back!

Hard work pays off.  Watch his story. 

Shout out to a Believe in it® Athlete named Vish for sharing this video with me!

How to Kick a Soccer Ball High and Far - 8 Key Points

Jared Montz

This week's Online Soccer Academy video will teach you how to kick high and far!

Have fun!

How to Knuckleball in Soccer / Football

Jared Montz

How to knuckleball in soccer.  How to knuckleball in football.  These are questions I get asked a lot.  I don't have a video like that yet.  

Here are two knuckle ball videos that will help you.  Players that like this type of shot typically use the knuckle ball for free kicks.  

Enjoy!  Have fun with this strike!

Videos compliments of STR Skill School and F2 Freestylers

Free Kick Goal by Arsenal's Cazorla - FA Cup

Jared Montz

Santi Cazorla scored a nice free kick goal in the FA Cup final this weekend.  Arsenal came back to beat Hull 3-2.  

His technique isn't how I teach it in our OSA training video but there are a lot of similarities.  My feeling is always to develop the fundamentals and then add your own unique style.  If it makes sense to add your own style. 

Cazorla doesn't lean back when he shoots and he lands on his shooting foot.  This is more of an advanced style. 

Practice your bending this week.  Bending or curving a ball is great for scoring free kicks, shooting from distance, crossing and making passes.  

Get the fundamentals right and then try to see how Cazorla's style works for you. 

Have fun!