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Jersey and Shelbie Rockin Bracelets - Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight

Jared Montz

Shout out to Jersey and Shelbie Spencer from Martinsburg, West Virginia!  They are two sisters rockin their Believe in it® bracelets in this Instagram photo! 

I saw this photo because they used #Believeinit on Instagram.  I'm @JaredMontz on Instagram by the way

Jersey wears her bracelet regularly.  The idea is to wear it and if you ever have a moment of doubt like before a big game.  You look down at your bracelet, say Believe in it® in your mind and you get an instant shot of confidence.  It works! 

For games when Jersey can't wear a bracelet she tucks it in her sock.  Gives her that extra little boost!  It's a little stinky but it does the job!

Pics & Video - Martinsburg, West Virginia OSA Soccer Clinic

Jared Montz


Last week I was in Martinsburg, West Virginia for our OSA Soccer Clinic.  It was a fun Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of soccer!  Almost felt like summer a few days with the heat!

Our goal at OSA Camps and Clinics is to make better players. Our mission is to inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. 

I'm confident we achieved our goal of making better players. That only happened because the players worked hard, stayed positive and wanted to improve.  Credit to them for making it happen!  They are Believe in it® Athletes. 

You can view all the photos from the camp by clicking here

Coach Mike Groben took some awesome pictures too!  You can check out his action photos here

Goal Celebrations

Special Thanks!

A very big special thank you to Coach Monika Foster for all her help and support in making this OSA Soccer Clinic happen.  She did a lot behind the scenes to make this happen and it is very much appreciated.  

I also stayed with her and her family while I was in town.  They spoiled me with food and hospitality.  It was nice!

Thanks again for attending our OSA Soccer Clinic!  Have a great Spring season!